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Today, we have various online platforms for crowdfunding. These platforms are mostly about individual or commercial projects, not for public projects. In a recent trip to NYC, it was fascinating to hear that the Statue of Liberty was crowd funded in two nations – France and the USA. So far, I had believed that the statue… Read Article →

A friend of mine recently posed this question – “Hey, you work with startup companies. Should a college aspiring student pick a curriculum or stream that would be useful for a startup CEO?” Of course, the underlying assumption is that this student is planning to start a company before or after graduating. My response was a… Read Article →

I am sure that title got your attention. Don’t worry – it’s not the Buzzfeed’s Top 39 reasons why you should love your parents. I have been working with several current and ex PhD students from WSU to see what we can do to make aging-in-place a better and affordable experience for seniors and their… Read Article →

Technology in cars is all the rage now. Automobile sales are at all time highs and I’m positive the new tech has something to do with it. We purchased a 2015 model vehicle recently. Compared to our 2009 model that we had, technology has dramatically improved, leading to more fun rides overall. Some observations and wish… Read Article →

I am a South Indian Tamil Brahmin (TamBrahm). I have a deep culturally conservative and spiritual upbringing. So, naturally we were shocked when our daughter said she wanted to get a tattoo for her 18th birthday. We initially ignored it for a while until it couldn’t be ignored any more a few days ago. A few… Read Article →

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