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Many of us grossly underestimate the effort, skill and persistence it takes to sell something. The theory of “Build it and they will come” applies to a small percentage of products and is usually serendipitous. A sale is an exchange of value. It is also a persuasion. You are influencing someone to make a decision… Read Article →

A startup company (other types of companies as well) may enter into an agreement with partner companies for purposes of reselling its software and services. Such agreements are typically executed for the purpose of geographical expansion without taking on a burden of creating a large sales force and account teams. In most cases, the channel… Read Article →

I am planning to cook some dandelion greens today.  Yes, the same dandelion that I’ve “rounded up” countless times every late Spring and Summer from my backyard or swore loudly trying to pull them off the driveway. Five weeks ago, I shared the start of a diet plan called the TQIDiet. Its sole focus was to identify and… Read Article →

Samir Bodas is the CEO of iCertis a Bellevue WA based company providing SaaS based contract management software.  Recently, he gave a talk at a TiE event on Scaling a Startup. The interactive questions took us to areas other than scaling.  Few of my observations:- If you want to do a startup, just do it. 9/10… Read Article →

As startup CEO, you are doing presentations often. It could be fund raising pitches, conference presentations, customer talks and many more. In a 1-1 presentation, it is quite straightforward to get feedback. It is easy to talk to that person after the presentation and get feedback on various aspects. What do you do if you… Read Article →

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