About Us

After a successful career at the world’s leading software company, I am ready to help entrepreneurs achieve success.

Krishnan Gopalan – Founder and CEO                       Carabiner - Krish

After 20 years of success at Microsoft, I engaged myself in the start-up scene in Seattle. As an Angel investor, I was able to see the challenges faced by startup CEOs in areas of product development, getting traction, how to raise money effectively, how to negotiate and in general how to scale the business. I put my most relevant Microsoft expertise to good use and in the process of developing a good network of contacts, I have been able to quickly gain a lot of startup expertise. In my hands on engagements, I have been able to provide immediate, actionable and successful results to CEOs and CTOs.

We also have a talented set of technical, sales and marketing experts that we can call upon to help startups.

Looking forward to hear from you! Send me a note below to start the conversation.