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For the last year or so, I have had chronic ankle pain. I have tried various ways to fix or mitigate it. Recently, I started looking at inflammation and foods causing inflammation. While I did not do any specific tests to measure inflammation in my body (don’t know if there are any), I decided to… Read Article → is the most recent company that I am advising. ¬†’s CEO Will strikes me as a passionate, hard-working and genuine CEO. His mission – Help people find things indoors. Indoors can be anything – your house, whether you are in a conference, an event or in a mall. ¬†Will seeks to transform static indoor… Read Article →

Until this point, I have not started my own business – creating a product or providing a service or selling anything. Microsoft was great, but do you really take risks there? Bill and Steve took all the risks. While I have registered a few LLCs before, nothing concrete seemed to come out of it. It… Read Article →

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