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A few friends, my wife and I hiked the Havasu Canyon (just outside of Grand Canyon National Park). It was a 4 day, 3 night trip. Descending from the Hualapai Hilltop, we walked 10 miles to the Havasu Campground. There were incredible sights along the way. Tall, expansive, colorful canyon walls that hold deep stories… Read Article →

  The world is awash with do’s and don’ts Suggestions, Recommendations, Best Practices,  Top 10 ways Attend to them, don’t be consumed Know your North Star Let delighting your users be your guiding principle The rest should fall into place, more or less. Good luck!

I am planning to cook some dandelion greens today.  Yes, the same dandelion that I’ve “rounded up” countless times every late Spring and Summer from my backyard or swore loudly trying to pull them off the driveway. Five weeks ago, I shared the start of a diet plan called the TQIDiet. Its sole focus was to identify and… Read Article →

A few weeks ago, I wrote about starting a diet to quiet inflammation. 3 weeks have passed. The elimination phase is over. It was successful. I made very few exceptions. Working from home definitely helped out, as I did not have to do much planning for snacks and meals. I was also helped by lack… Read Article →

In a recent NPR Planet Money podcast, they ask the question – “Is hard work irrelevant”? I have stolen the title directly from them. They take the example of Netflix as a company that evolved into the culture of only focusing on the results. It did not matter how hard someone worked at their job… Read Article →

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