A few friends, my wife and I hiked the Havasu Canyon (just outside of Grand Canyon National Park). It was a 4 day, 3 night trip. Descending from the Hualapai Hilltop, we walked 10 miles to the Havasu Campground. There were incredible sights along the way. Tall, expansive, colorful canyon walls that hold deep stories… Read Article →

  The world is awash with do’s and don’ts Suggestions, Recommendations, Best Practices,  Top 10 ways Attend to them, don’t be consumed Know your North Star Let delighting your users be your guiding principle The rest should fall into place, more or less. Good luck!

I started Angel Investing about 4 years ago.  I guessed it would be a good time to write up some thoughts on my experience so far. 4 years is about half way to get a meaningful return, so this post is not yet about returns in angel investing. Others have written volumes about that strategy. I invest… Read Article →

We are in the age of Connected Homes and Smart Homes. I was in Best Buy a few days ago and decided to check out all the gizmos and gadgets for the Connected Home. They had a few aisles dedicated to this stuff. I recall going through a lot of frustration, pain and a huge… Read Article →

Many of us grossly underestimate the effort, skill and persistence it takes to sell something. The theory of “Build it and they will come” applies to a small percentage of products and is usually serendipitous. A sale is an exchange of value. It is also a persuasion. You are influencing someone to make a decision… Read Article →

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